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dear livejournal friends from long ago,

I got my heart broken in the worst possible way.
now I don't know exactly what I'm doing here. Listening to 'the copper top' (Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat) and painfully remembering what it was like before. And remembering this place and the nice people sometimes.

I guess I'm asking that if anyone wants to, I'm aliciajulieg on skype, or just aliciajgriffiths@live.be. Feel free to contact me, I'm in search of people to talk to. About anything, anything you'd like. Or we can just be online together, feel a little less alone.

Maybe you've all moved on, I understand if you did, I hope you're all happy and calm.
Take care x

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Again, haven't been around. Don't think I will do that anymore, school keeps me too busy. Never thought i'd be that kind of person. The kind that puts effort into what she does for school. But I do now, I guess. Though I have to admit I'd be nowhere without Jonathan. Not that that's all going great, but it is in a way, and I don't really go into details about us publically either. So much has changed.

Christmas wasn't christmas, but it will never be after childhood will it? I should get over it. Still read my friends page, because it's always a great excuse to not to other things. It's almost my 19th birthday, though it will be like christmas, only a vague remembrance of what special days used to be like.

It felt good to change my userpic here back to Dido, isn't that a beautiful image? It most clearly brings back to me the admiration I used to feel for her music. Still listen to it, of course, while I'm in the darkroom. And darkroom might sound hip but I hate it, it's the worst thing about my studies. The prints that never turn out the way they should, the red light that makes me dizzy.
It's silly to say, but my relationship with photography keeps getting messier and unclear. But something I don't like thinking about too long. confusing.

I miss the good old livejournal days. I laugh when I read old posts. My ever present narcissism, fears and major breakdowns. That's still the same, yes. I still want to show everyone who I am and at the same time too much attention makes me want to hide forever. Dramaqueen, I've become so much worse in that aspect. But not really interesting for you all. Nothing's really interesting I guess.

I think about a lot of people, frequently, it might be you. But I hardly write or even say hi. I don't completely understand this habit of silence, but it makes me really happy to find out that some people still like me even if I remain distant for a while.
Oh, check out my mixtapes! They're cool. (not the first one now, that was for someone special)
'The remains' might explain the troubles I've been having lately. The urge to think about death with longing, lacking the strength to go through with it, or perhaps it is my strength to resist?
Don't fear though, it won't happen, I know that, I just wish I'd stop thinking about it. But I'll stop talking about it now, cause I do that too often too.
This is getting too long.

Well, missing the freedom I had to be friends with you, I hope you still count me as one, even in my absence...
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It is sunday

(picture taken by Jonathan)
it's been faaaarrr too long since I've posted anything.
and I can't remember what's happened since last time. There are probably a lot of things to say but I don't know if I want to. The important things are boring, but okay, in a nutshell:
I hate psychology - I'm quitting, will probably work at a supermarket for the rest of the schoolyear. Next year I'm going to try photography.
On the plus side, things with Jonathan are great. I love him and he seems to love me. This creates a lot of trouble with my parents though - he's not christian, I'm too young, etc...
However, as I am 18 since yesterday I am making my own choices and tomorrow I'm probably going to visit him and stay for the night.

I have too many pictures to post, and I am too lazy, if you'd like to see some please follow my personal tumblr.

Other links:
Tumblr for Frankie the Dinosaur
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My Flickr
Flickr just made to be able to upload it there first, instead of directly to my personal tumblr (which makes them blurry)
More personal Flickr
My Music Blog
My Youtube
My Twitter
My Last Fm
My Tokbox
My Facebook

Sorry for neglecting my livejournal. I'm still checking my friends page though! :)

happy new year - I hope 2010 can surprise you and be better than you think it'll be.

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okay here goes the explanation but I'm still terribly confused about it all and don't know how to tell the story. But I'm doing it anyways. I need to talk about it so it will get clear, or real. God I don't know!

Anyways. There is this guy from flickr, and he wanted to buy a print from me. So we met up, so I could give it to him, and we talked in a café and I completely lost track of time which got me into trouble with my parents. I just loved finally having a 'real conversation' with someone - cause I was so sick of university small talk.
We met again went we went to see Antichrist - he had said that I had to see it so when I went, he wanted to see it again too.
Then he wanted to take pictures of me - so we went to his place and did that, there is one under the cut. We also went to the park - to look from creativity but it didn't really come. Had a great time.
Today, he went to uni, to give me the pictures. We went to his place again and did nothing for hours. Talked about photography - movies - music - and lots of things I don't usually tell strangers. At the end of yesterday - we were sitting in his room because the other guy that lives there was in the living, and all of the sudden he says that he really misses me when I'm gone and that he has 'feelings' for me. I didn't believe him at first. Then I was like '...' '???' '!!'
Still am sorta. I had NO idea what to say. Really we just sat there, laughed and joked about how awkward it was. He walked me back to the station and he asked if he could kiss me and I said that I was too scared.
I wrote him an email back home, simply saying I have 'feelings' for him too. This is the craziest scariest thing I have ever experienced. It is a wonder I slept tonight.
First of all - I don't get why he's in love with me. Don't give me all that 'bc you're beautiful!' crap bc I don't buy that. AND. He's 27. Yes that is 10 years older than me. And he's amazing - seriously look at his site, he's so extremely talented I just ahhhh - don't get it. Part of me thinks maybe he just wants to be my first boyfriend bc that's exciting and after he's been that I won't be interesting anymore? Don't know.

WAH. There is my story. It probably doesn't seem so weird to most of you. But to me it is. I never ever expected anyone to fall in love with me - specially someone who could do so much better. I am confused. And terrified. But also sorta happy.

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Hello! I'm back :D
and yes, my weekend was amazing. It's exactly what I needed to give me a bit more energy to start getting things ready for exams... and I have to say I have felt quite good today. The magic of music. I met both Laura Marling & Au Revoir Simone and they were even more lovely than I thought they would be. So yeaj :)

Oh yes, and that video is because I am still in love with Au Revoir Simone's latest album and with that wonderful beautiful place. Please take a look - I like how it turned out!

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Hi! Remember my music list? I've got another one for you :)
Bit more than 50 artists in a little list (with my opinion, three best songs and a song to download)
Please do take a look, and tell me what you think cause I spent a lot of time on this since my computer is going sooo slooow.
So if you like or don't like anyone, please tell me. Recommendations are always welcome too :) Just, let's talk about music :) (excited for any new releases? what was your favourite album of 2008? and has 2009 surprised you yet? who are you obsessed with atm? etc)

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I don't know if this will interest you, but here's a post about things that inspire me. Inspire me to do what? I don't know, with inspire I kind of mean they give me hope. A blurry kind that is enough to make you believe there are still reasons to live.
So here are pictures, words, and other stuff that I'd like to share. I'd also like to say that every single one of you inspires me. And I'm not just saying this, it's true. I love how different you all are but all so beautifully colourful in your own way.

So, who/what inspires you?
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got tagged by sunnie_star

- Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
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1. I don't work on my desk a lot, I use the floor (and my parents don't like that)
2. I talk too much about music, specially in real life. I thought maybe making a music journal would help me shut up but it's not really working. I wonder if people at school are often irritated by me when sometimes it seems I can only talk about music
3. I love comments, and I remember them. sometimes they even come back to me when I dream.
4. I cannot live without pancakes & french fries. without it, I stop functioning properly.
5. I very rarely have a conversation that actually means something. And they can make me so happy.
6. My mom & sister make jokes about how I am autistic, I am not, they just complain about how I am 'on my own little planet'
7. I have the coolest best friend ever.

not tagging anyone, you can say I tagged you and do it if you want to :)</lj>